Climbers Enthusiast: Who are we?

Climbers Enthusiast  is a group of dedicated and enthusiastic climbers/ trekkers from Singapore,  Malaysia and Indonesia that has been actively organizing mountain climbing trips and that work hand in hand with non-profit social organization that promote “Shared Responsibility” towards Community Outreach & Environmental Awareness

Shared Responsibility is one of the group mission towards getting involve with the locals in promoting eco-tourism business in their area. By helping cleaning the trek up along the mountain trek, this will help sustain the of mountain National Parks for years to come so that more people could come and visit the place. Climbers Enthusiastalso help to raise donation in terms of funds and supplies that will be distributed to the local nearby village as part of the Social Communities outreach programme.

Climbers Enthusiast  has been tirelessly championing it’s “Shared Responsibility” ethics. To date on of their largest signature event is Surviving Rinjani which has contributed in building the local farming community. CESG has managed to raise funds from members to set up a library in the village of Sembalun Lawang, the foot of Mt Rinjani.

By climbersenthusiast